Aspiring Creative. Recovering Perfectionist. Dog Lover.

About Me:  My name is Mary.  An aspiring creative. Recovering perfectionist and Dog lover.  Based in the Dallas area and originally from Pennsylvania, I create paper goods like greeting cards and custom stickers.  

About the Name:  
Why Toodle Loo Workshop?  Well,Toodle Loo is the phrase that reminds me not to take things too seriously. It represents the place where I lighten up a bit and don't take myself so seriously. I need more of that.  Don't we all.

My Process:  
I love to create works in paper, things like greeting cards, art prints, labels and stickers. I enjoy everything about the medium of paper - the texture, the accessiblity of it, the ease of use. 

My Tools:   
I work primarily in Adobe Illustrator and love to learn new skills in it. I am often working on my computer, conjuring up new ideas for designs. I scour websites and magazines for new colors and layout ideas.  So much to explore and so little time.

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