About Toodle Loo 

My name is Mary.  An aspiring creative. Recovering perfectionist and Dog lover.  Based in the Dallas area and originally from Pennsylvania, I create paper goods like greeting cards and custom stickers.  

Why Toodle Loo Workshop?  Well,Toodle Loo is the phrase that reminds me not to take things too seriously. It represents the place where I lighten up a bit.  I need more of that.  Don't we all.

-- Take time for yourself, then you can best care for those around you.
-- Remember to be kind always, no exception.  The most prickly person you encounter needs it the most.
-- Don't judge others.  Don't judge yourself.  We are all doing the best we know with what we have learned so far in life.
-- Listen.  Listen to your breath. Listen to your instinct. You will not be led astray.
-- Have the courage to take more risks.   Mistakes may be made, but that means there is learning which means there is growing.  A risk-free life is not one worth living.
-- Strive to live a life that tells a compelling story.  
-- Everyone has creative potential.  Not only the person who holds a paint brush or pen for a living, but everyone.  Even the accountants and analysts.  Remember that.
-- Start each day with gratitude.  Even if it's just for breath.  Running water.  Lights that turn on with a switch. Blessings abound.  Open your eyes.

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